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Twist! Open! Shape!

In Paper Wonderland KuCheRiki, children create their own shapes, figures and artworks using high-quality quilling materials and learning digital technologies.

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What makes our educational and play material beneficial?

The product contains numerous ideas of varying complexity. Using high-quality and safe quilling materials, children create shapes and figures with their own hands. During the journey through the paper land, they follow a detailed instruction with hints from fairy-tale characters, gradually learning to invent and construct their own characters from strips of colored paper. This enhaces their ability to concentrate and improves cognitive development. The creativeprocess stimulates fine motor skills and contributes to acquiring tactile skills, a healthy perception of color, and the harmonization of childrenĀ“s emotional state.

How To Play

Quilling technique:

  • Quilling technique involves the use of a tool (a stick with a split end) to twist a strip of paper into a priral, creating tension in it (a springy spiral).
  • Then it is released from the hands. The springy spiral opens, transforming into a free spiral. this is crucial for giving it various forms.
  • While pinching the spiral with fingers at a certain point, shapes such as a drop, eye, rhombus, leaf, etc., can be created.
  • By making several forms from the spirals, they can be grouped and glued together, forming figures, ornaments, or complete compositions.


fine motor skills and sence of touch
Robot Ku
concentration and spatial thinking
Austronaut Che
shape and color perception
Parrot Riki

Twist! Open! Shape!

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We optimised our materials and packaging to be in perfect harmony, ensuring that we transport only what is essential. By aligning our packagedesign with the environment, we aim to create a positive impact on both our products and the world we live in.

All of our materials are produced in accordance with the highest standards of sustainability, certified with FSC norms. That ensures that the materials used in our products come from responsibility managed forests.

Through the sale of our leftover materials (ReSets RuCheRiki), we plant new trees, ensuring production of new tools and materials. We activelyparticipate in the global effort to protect forests and biodiversity.

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